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Tibbles and Tidy Models

By Ryan Benz & Emil Hansen on January 29, 2019

These talks will be given on January 29, 2019. ==== Talks Speaker: Ryan Benz Title: Tibbles, and list columns, and nested data frames, oh my! Tibbles are a “modern reimagining of the data.frame” and are a big part of the tidyverse, but what are they really, how are they different from standard data frames, any why should you care about using them? In this talk, I’ll dive into tibbles and show how they can be used in several interesting ways taking advantage of list columns and nested data frames.

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OCRUG Holiday Party

By Ryan Benz on December 6, 2018

Holiday party will be on December 6, 2018. Details For more details and to RSVP please visit EventBrite:

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Telling Meaningful Stories with Data & Connecting Javascript to Shiny

By Alyssa Columbus & Alan Dipert on November 27, 2018

These talks were given on November 27, 2018. Details == Schedule == 6:30 – 7:00: Networking 7:00 – 7:05: Welcome & general announcement 7:05 – 7:35: Telling Meaningful Stories with Data 7:35 – 8:05: Custom htmlwidgets: connecting Javascript to Shiny 8:05 – 8:30: Networking, clean-up == Talk 1 == Telling Meaningful Stories with Data (Alyssa C.) According to Edward Tufte, an excellent data visualization expresses ‚ complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency.

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Alteryx & Application of R

By John Peach and Ryan Benz on October 8, 2018

#This meetup will be held on October 30, 2018. === Talk 1 === Alteryx – TBD Title: Using R to build large-scale models with Alteryx Abstract: Alteryx will demonstrate how you can leverage your R skills in Alteryx to build large-scale models and deploy them. Alteryx makes deploying a predictive model easy with the click of a button. Alteryx exposes an R and Python interface via standard REST API requests, instead of recoding the models from within their native languages, integration of your most advanced analytic models into production systems is simple and painless.

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