Alteryx & Application of R

By John Peach and Ryan Benz | October 8, 2018

#This meetup will be held on October 30, 2018.

=== Talk 1 ===

Alteryx – TBD

Title: Using R to build large-scale models with Alteryx


Alteryx will demonstrate how you can leverage your R skills in Alteryx to build large-scale models and deploy them. Alteryx makes deploying a predictive model easy with the click of a button. Alteryx exposes an R and Python interface via standard REST API requests, instead of recoding the models from within their native languages, integration of your most advanced analytic models into production systems is simple and painless. build and deploy models.

Embedding models into production apps are as simple as sending an auto-generated code snippet to your dev team. Embed predictive models in any application capable of making REST API requests. Execute real-time predictions in low-latency applications or use batch mode for bulk offline scoring.

Alteryx allows users to manage the entire deployment process to ensure that models deployed to production work as intended to improve business performance. Visualytics lets users instantly see the performance and health of their production-based models to ensure the effectiveness of the models.

=== Talk 2 ===

Robert Thomas

Title: How Marketing Teams Leverage Web Service API’s to support their Data Science initiatives.


Examine how Marketing teams leverage Alteryx & R Programming Web Service API’s to support their data science projects. Additionally, emphasize how R Studio web services API’s moves data into a data warehouse to solve marketing analytics problems.


6:30-7:00 Welcome and Networking



Talk 1

Talk 2

8:00-8:30 Clean-up and networking

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