Tibbles and Tidy Models

By Ryan Benz & Emil Hansen | January 29, 2019

These talks will be given on January 29, 2019.

==== Talks

Speaker: Ryan Benz

Title: Tibbles, and list columns, and nested data frames, oh my!

Tibbles are a “modern reimagining of the data.frame” and are a big part of the tidyverse, but what are they really, how are they different from standard data frames, any why should you care about using them? In this talk, I’ll dive into tibbles and show how they can be used in several interesting ways taking advantage of list columns and nested data frames. Regardless of what you use R for, learning to harness the power of the tibble is an essential part of doing effective data analysis in the tidyverse.


Speaker: Emil Hansen

Title: Working with tidymodels

Tidymodels is a “meta-package” in the same way as tidyverse, but with a focus on modeling and statistical analysis. This talk will go through how to use tidymodels to do modeling in a tidy fashion.


Harnham is Recruiting

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