Cancelled: From Data to Dashboards in a Day

March 14, 2020

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From data to dashboards in a day. Learn the art and science of developing interesting, informative, and interactive dashboard in today’s most popular analytics and visualization tool Tableau. This workshop will discuss the workflow, tools, and design concepts you need to create engaging dashboard reports. The design of a dashboard can be the difference between a dashboard that is hardly used versus one that becomes a popular tool of decision-makers.


This workshop is focused on anyone who is responsible for the development, management, or utilization of dashboard reporting in daily decision-making. Dashboard creators will learn how to build better dashboards for their audience. Dashboard users learn what is required to build great dashboards so they can provide feedback during development. Attendees can benefit from this information even if you’re an analyst or an executive. Everyone can benefit from becoming more data literate in our data-driven society.

The Benefits

Attendees will increase their understanding of data and become more effective at communicating with it. What is taught in this workshop is immediately applicable to the workplace. While the tool being taught is Tableau, the workshop is much more than learning a new tool. Attendees will learn what it takes to build effective dashboards that inform and influence their audience versus a data dump that end users are intimidated by.

Location and Parking

The event will take place in the Multipurpose Academic & Administrative Building (MPAA) which is attached to the Social Science Parking Structure (SSPS). For details, check out

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